Marlboro erased… Nürburgring


James May has completed a lap of the Isle of Man TT course on his electric-powered motorbike made from Meccano…

Only James!

Wonderfully ridiculous.

If You Build it...

  • Do_Sanga:

    i sort of ran into a snag with the one section. im not sure where the Reactors 3 2 and 1 go and good luck finding blueprints to it.

  • iMorph:

    what are you building/playing?

  • Do_Sanga:

    im playing minecraft and building the chernobyl power plant

  • imorph:


  • Do_Sanga:

  • Do_Sanga:

    ahh no crap, i get it now. i have the golden corridor where the control rooms are

  • Do_Sanga:

    i got the reactors marked where they are now just need to move some stuff



Heading out to do some damage or back from a day of blowing stuff up?


Incredible Shot | GP2 Crash of Stefano Coletti, Spa.